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Flower preservation books

Complete Book of Flower Preservation
Book Description
Chapter 1 What I set out to do is to take a fresh garden flower, picked only minutes before being put through the process, and preserve it so that every line, every graceful curve, every stamen remains in all its natural loveliness, and with all the tints and shadows still aglow in their original splendor.
Harvesting, Preserving & Arranging Dried Flowers
Book Description
For the millions of flower lovers who don't have the luxury of decorating with fresh blooms every week, Cathy Miller's Harvesting, Preserving & Arranging Dried Flowers offers the perfect solution: an inexpensive, expressive way to create warmth and beauty year-round.

Featuring more than fifty floral "recipes." All illustrated with brilliant full-color photographs by Rob Gray, Harvesting, Preserving & Arranging Dried Flowers is the most comprehensive, contemporary, and practical book on the subject. By mixing such popular favorites as carnations and marigolds with more exotic flora like cattails and eucalyptus leaves, and by incorporating a wide range of organic elements--fruits, grasses and weeds, seasonal ornaments, even found objects--Harvesting, Preserving & Arranging Dried Flowers celebrates the full extent of nature's bounty.

Drawing from her twenty-plus years of expertise in the art and craft of drying flowers, using the most up-to-date methods--including microwaving and glycerinization--and aided by an assortment of household products, Cathy Miller shows readers how to create fabulous arrangements that last for years. The preserved roses, delphiniums, peonies, and other blooms that beckon from the pages of Harvesting, Preserving & Arranging Dried Flowers look as if they were just plucked from the soil.
Forever Flowers: A Flower Lover's Guide to Selecting, Pressing, and Designing
Book Description
Flowers have the ability to raise our spirits and bring joy into our lives. Now anyone can make flowers last a lifetime by following the methods found in this book. Besides providing information on pressing and designing with flowers, this book details the start-to-finish process, beginning with sowing, growing, and gathering flowers to storing and creating one-of-a-kind projects with them. Dozens of project ideas, complete with lavish photos and step-by-step instructions, are included, each perfect for keeping or giving as a unique gift.
  • Dozens of projects.
  • Pictures, jewelry, bottles, candles, stationery.
  • Tips and techniques for professional results.
The Pressed Plant
Book Description
These days, trend-conscious tastemakers from Martha Stewart to the Pottery Barn are celebrating the art of the botanical specimen. Yet this art form has enjoyed popularity for centuries. This beautiful and lavishly illustrated book is the first to present botanical specimens, herbaria, and nature prints as artworks to be collected-and even created anew.

This engaging interpretation of the colorful history of plant collection traces its progress from a hazardous natural science on eighteenth-century explorations, to a fad among Victorian-era ladies and clergyman, to a keen pursuit for today's art collectors, garden enthusiasts, and crafters.

The Pressed Plant offers a thorough representation of four different art forms consisting of or created with actual plants: botanical specimens, in which parts of or entire plants are attached to archival paper; herbaria, or bound books holding a variety of plant specimens; nature prints, images made directly from plants; and sun prints, which are produced when a plant is placed on light-sensitive paper and exposed to the sun. A detailed appendix includes instructional material, sources for materials, and a collector's buying guide.

Flower preservation books

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