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The Llama Song

Now this should releive some of that unwanted stress. Have a laugh with the llama song. Then get some friends and have some more laughs with the llama song.

The llama song lyrics

here's a lama, there's a llama
and another little llama
fuzzy llama, funny lamma
llama, llama, duck

llama, llama, cheesecake llama
tablet, brick, potato
llama, llama, mushroom, llama
llama, llama, duck

I was once a treehouse
I lived in a cake
but i never saw the way
the orange slayed the rake
i was only three years dead
but it told a tale
and now listen little child
to the safety rail

did u ever see a llama
kiss a llama on the llama
llama's llama taste of llama
llama, llama, duck

half a llama, twice a llama
not a llama, farmer, llama
llama in a car, alarm a llama
llama, llama duck

is that how it's told now?
is it all so old?
is it made of lemon juice
doorknob, ankle, cold
now my song is getting thin
and i've run out of luck
time for me to retire now
and become a duck