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Look Your Best on Your Wedding Day
(ARA) - When it comes to planning a wedding, there are a lot of things that can wait until the last minute; but losing enough weight to comfortably fit into your dress or tux is not one of them.

Tiffany Morrison, 30, of Dover, Ohio, learned that firsthand a few years back. She was supposed to get married in May of 1997, but she and her fiancée had to put the wedding off a year because their job situation changed. While she was waiting for the big day to happen, Morrison put on 20 pounds. As a result, she no longer fit into her dress. “When we were a couple of months out from our new wedding date, I decided I really wanted to wear the dress I originally bought, but it had already been altered and my only option was to lose the weight,” she says.

The position Morrison found herself in is one thousands of brides and grooms across the country face every year. Between the stress and excitement of an upcoming wedding, it is not unusual to put on weight. Especially with all the get-togethers and parties you’re attending in the months before the big day. So what’s a couple to do? Pledge to combine a healthy diet with regular exercise and implement the plan not weeks but months before the wedding.

As far as exercise goes, if you’re not the type of person who likes going to the gym, you can work it into your day by parking your car at the end of the parking lot then taking a brisk walk into the office, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, and going for a walk during a coffee break or lunch. When you get home, do housework at a quicker pace and more often; for example, try vacuuming every day. When it comes to diet, the National Academy of Sciences recommends healthy adults consume between 1,600 and 2,800 calories per day.

In addition to watching what she was eating and exercising regularly, Morrison’s doctor recommended she start taking the dietary supplement conjugated linoleic acid which is sold under the brand name Clarinol CLA.

“The best solution for long-term weight management is enhancing a balanced diet with products powered by Clarinol CLA,” says Dr. Marianne O’Shea of Lipid Nutrition, a division Loders Croklaan. “It helps reduce your body fat and increase lean muscle mass.” The results over 8 to 12 weeks are a slimmer, shaplier figure. So start getting ready for your wedding today.

You can find bars, shakes and supplements fortified with Clarinol CLA at your local Target, LifeTime Fitness Gym, Whole Foods Grocery store and your favorite health food stores on and off line. Log on to for more information.

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