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Wedding checklist books

The Most Romantic Resorts for Destination Weddings, Marriage Renewals & Honeymoons
Book Description
This unique guide is:

The first book to identify everything you need to know about destination weddings, marriage renewals, and honeymoon packages offered by more than 135 elegant hotels and cruise ships in the Caribbean, Mexico, Hawaii and U.S.

The first book to tell you which resorts will marry you or renew your vows FOR FREE if you stay there.

The first book that reveals what hundreds of people really thought about the resorts after staying there. The resorts chosen for this book will put everything together for your wedding (or renewal). All offer a ceremony with an official. Many also include a beautifully decorated wedding site, flowers, cake, photographers, and special touches, like free romantic dinners, or breakfast in bed after the ceremony. And in many places–and only this book tells you where–they'll even provide all of this for free! You'll also learn the lowdown that you won't find in any other guidebooks. The secrets and details your travel agent doesn't even know. Vital information that will help you decide which resort you want to choose.

You'll learn:
  • Which offer wedding, renewal or honeymoon packages,
  • What these packages cost,
  • What is included in each package,
  • Which religious ceremonies are conducted, Whether they obtain the marriage license and fill out the paperwork for you,
  • Whom to contact at the hotel to arrange a ceremony,
  • How much extra it costs to bring guests to the ceremony, How far in advance you have to book a wedding or renewal (from 2 hours to 6 months!),
  • How long you have to stay before you can get married,
  • Whether it's an all-inclusive hotel,
  • The most romantic rooms,
  • Whether it's an adults-only resort,
  • If children are allowed, whether there are special prices & programs for them,
  • How large the resort is,
  • What their web page is and how to contact them by e-mail,
  • How far they are from the airport,
Most important – this book will tell you what these places are really like. Other travel guides only relate the experiences and opinions of the author. This one tells you what hundreds of guests who went to these resorts really thought about them.
Busy Bride's Wedding Checklists
Book Description
In addition to her wedding planner, every bride needs this checklist book to keep track of the thousands of details of planning a wedding. The Busy Bride's Essential Wedding Checklists vastly outdoes its competition with attention to detail, complete question lists, more realistic suggestions and presenting topics to the bride in the order in which she will need them. The Busy Bride's Essential Wedding Checklists includes twenty-first century wedding options and brings technology to the forefront, knowing that 94 percent of brides and grooms use their computers to plan their weddings. These checklists go into depth, providing a detailed To-Do checklist, and very real and realistic inspiration in each category. This is a book for a savvy bride, providing jam-packed information in a useful, highly organizational tool that promises to keep her on track and in command of her planning process, and enjoying every minute of it.
The Everything Wedding Checklist: The Gown, the Guests, the Groom, and Everything Else You Shouldn't Forget
Book Description
Find Groom! Buy This Book! You're standing confidently at the alter, waiting for your turn to say "I Do," when sudden panic hits.
  • Did you remember to review all the shots you wanted to get with your photographer?
  • Did you remember to give the caterer the final guest count?
  • Did you order that extra corsage for your grandmother?
With this book, you'll ask the right questions, hit the right deadlines, and steer clear of disaster with plenty of time to spare. You'll find detailed checklists for every conceivable aspect of the wedding, as well as a detailed monthly organizer to help you make sure you're doing what you're supposed to be doing when you're supposed to be doing it. To steer clear of worries on your wedding day, you need The Everything Wedding Checklist.
The Everything Wedding Organizer; Checklists, calendars, and worksheets for planning the perfect wedding
Book Description
It's A Piece Of Cake!

The Everything Wedding Organizer features everything a frazzled bride-or groom-needs to get organized. Complete with dozens of worksheets, checklists, pockets, and loads of helpful hints, this handy planner can help you develop a working strategy to create the wedding of your dreams.

Arranged chronologically, The Everything Wedding Organizer takes a step-by-step approach to the ceremony and celebration. Beginning with setting a date and creating a budget, every aspect of the wedding is covered, right to the last details, including the honeymoon. And it's small enough to carry around to appointments with florists, caterers, and other wedding professionals.

With its light and fun tone, this organizer is exactly the tool you need to plan-and achieve-the perfect wedding.

Wedding checklist books

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