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Wedding etiquette books

The New Book of Wedding Etiquette: How to Combine the Best Traditions with Today's Flair
Book Description
Wedding ceremonies are still about love and romance, a special moment that creates a beautiful and everlasting union. But not everything related to weddings stays the same over the years. Etiquette evolves, rules change. And who can keep up with all of today's complicated family issues? With the help of this book, you can stay on top of it all and learn how to combine timeless wedding traditions with the latest trends and social styles. Inside, you'll discover the secrets of having a beautiful, contemporary event full of fabulous elegance while at the same time satisfying the varied needs of friends and family. Included are etiquette tips and hints for every step of the planning process and answers to today's trickiest wedding situations, including:
  • ·How to handle unique family situations
  • ·Who pays for each aspect of the wedding
  • ·When the bride has a best man and the groom has a maid of honor
  • ·And much, much more!
You'll also find answers to frequently asked questions, do's & don'ts, and personal reflections, plus ideas for traditional and nontraditional weddings. This modern-day etiquette companion is the perfect wedding-planning partner. Now, you can relax and enjoy preparing for your special day!
The Everything Wedding Etiquette Book: Insights and Advice on Handling Even the Stickiest Wedding Issues
Book Description
Wedding Rites .... And Wrongs!

Looking for up-to-date advice on today's complicated wedding issues? Let The Everything Wedding Etiquette Book be your guide! This practical book offers all the answers to your most commonly asked etiquette questions, including:
  • Can I asked my future in-laws to help pay for the reception?
  • How can I include stepparents in the wedding?
  • Do I have to invite dates for single guests?
  • ...And many more!
You'll also learn the correct way to word wedding invitations for all types of family situations, how to let people know you're keeping your maiden name, and how to whittle down your guest list. Filled with insight and contemporary advice for your tricky wedding dilemmas, The Everything Wedding Etiquette Book will help you have a fun-and stress-free-wedding!
Emily Post's Wedding Etiquette: Cherished Traditions and Contemporary Ideas for a Joyous Celebration
Book Description
Peggy Post, America's etiquette authority, presents an indispensable, comprehensive guide to planning and personalizing your wedding. Today's weddings are more complex than ever before, with new traditions and new family relationships to consider. This thoroughly revised fourth edition of the classic Emily Post's Wedding Etiquette addresses countless wedding questions both old and new. With the famous Post blend of sensitivity and practicality, Peggy Post shows how to handle the big decisions and the little details that will make your wedding beautiful to behold and uniquely yours -- and how to carry it off with minimum stress and maximum style.

Three new chapters offer advice on the latest realities of today's weddings, including multicultural ceremonies, encore weddings, and postwedding duties. Expanded sections give guidance on financial matters, working smoothly with wedding consultants and others on your "wedding team," and planning theme and destination weddings. Dozens of at-a-glance lists, boxes, and charts on everything from most-asked questions to creative ideas for personalizing the day are perfect guides for busy brides and grooms.

With this book in hand, a couple can confidently blend the best of classic tradition with contemporary style, making this wondrous event a celebration to be remembered and treasured by all.

Wedding etiquette books

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