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Wedding hair style books

Bridal Hair: Hairdressing And Beauty Industry Authority/Thomson Learning Series
Book Description
Written by Pat Dixon, the internationally acclaimed expert within the world of bridal hair, this hardback book is an essential guide to dressing bridal hair. Packed with everything you need to know to offer a comprehensive bridal hair and beauty service - from helping your bride to choose her dress, head-dress and flowers, to co-ordinating this with a style that suits her hair type and texture - this book is a ?must-have? text for all professional hairdressers and students. Techniques, from the basic to the more complicated, are all illustrated in the easy to follow step-by-steps which fulfil much of the NVQ Level 2 and 3 criteria. The bridal style gallery will provide you and your bride with inspiration, whatever her hair length and there is also a selection of romantic styles for seasonal and themed weddings plus hints and tips on working with flowers, veils and hats. In fact everything you need to know to ensure that your bridal clients get exactly the look they want on their wedding day.
Billy Yamaguchi Feng Shui Beauty: Bringing The Ancient Principles Of Balance And Harmony To Your Hair, Makeup And Personal Style
Book Description
Feng Shui is an ancient and proven system for balance and harmony. Billy Yamaguchi gives you everything you need to find out which Feng Shui elements are the strongest for you right now and how to choose the hairstyle, makeup and clothing that will bring out your true inner self.

--Figure out your elements from your lifestyle and personality --Find out whether you need to balance, harmonize or enhance your elements --Learn which hair lengths, cuts and highlights are the best for your elements and face shape --Discover the best makeup and hair color for your elements and skin tone

You’ll end up with hair and makeup that reflect who you really are—your outer appearance will finally express your true self.

Most hairstylists are trained in a particular cut and give this same haircut to all of their clients, regardless of differences in lifestyle and personality. Now Billy Yamaguchi, internationally known hairstylist to the stars, helps you bring the principles of Feng Shui to your hairstyle, makeup and fashion, so your look will express your true self.

Using the five elements of Feng Shui—Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood—Billy shows you who you really are in the world, and then designs your haircut, color, makeup and fashion choices to really express your unique style.

For example, the Fire element tends to be passionate and adventurous, while the Metal element is more precise and goal oriented. While everyone has all five elements in their nature, two elements are predominant at any given time. Once you know what they are, your hairstyle, makeup and clothing can be used to enhance, balance or harmonize your elements. You’ve never felt so natural, comfortable and self-expressed in your own skin before.

For the first time, you will have a simple way to communicate your personality to your hairstylist and to figure out what makeup colors and fashion styles suit you best.

You’ve never felt so natural, comfortable and self-expressed in your own skin before!
Hair comes the bride: test run your look to avoid helmet head before the wedding day.
Book Description
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SalonOvations' Braids and Updos Made Easy
Book Description
This is the essential reference for students and experienced hairstylists looking for a how-to manual on the latest braids and updos. Learn to take the frustration out of working with long hair by the use of hand-positioning and methods for handling several strands of hair at one time. Authored by Jamie Rines Jones, platform artist and international long-hair educator, this book is designed to help you offer long hair services to your clients, increasing your revenue potential.
Inspire Quarterly Vol. #40 Brides, Formals & Updos
Book Description
Dressing Up! Updos, formals and brides! Featuring the latest Up Styles for any occasion. Weddings, proms or a night on the town. From dramatic to romantic ... find the right style for you! Plus ... sections for short, medium and long Women's styles - and of course Men! Includes FREE Insights Technical featuring 10 step by step technicals ... updo's, makeup, color and cuts!

Wedding hair dos books

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