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Wedding magazines

Martha Stewart Weddings
Magazine Description
A publication produced by the lady who knows all "Good Things" for weddings. Covers all aspects of this most joyous day, from the attire to food, and beyond.
Modern Bride
Magazine Description
If you want a sophisticated wedding, but you don't necessarily have the Martha Stewart instincts to sew your own ring-bearer pillows, Modern Bride will help you plan an elegant day nonetheless. The many style tips for the bride (from gowns to lingerie to makeup and hair), ideas on flowers and favors, accounts of real weddings, registry information, and honeymoon suggestions are bound to stir your imagination. Also included is postceremony advice on topics such as finance and sex. This is not the magazine to help you with the nitty-gritty--there are no monthly planning calendars or details on how to find the perfect reception hall or photographer--but it will give you great ideas for making your wedding day your dream day. As with any bridal magazine, much of what is useful is the abundance of ads, especially if you're still scouting for the perfect gown
Magazine Description
If you're going to the chapel, you'll want to have Bride's magazine by your side to help you navigate the ins and outs of your wedding day. Brought to you by the publisher of Vogue, Glamour, and Mademoiselle, Bride's has the same down-to-earth tone as its sister magazines. Lots of Q&As help answer all the niggling questions (topics covered are fashion, health, reception, and sex) and accounts of real weddings give you plenty of ideas to borrow. A bride's calendar and a separate groom's calendar will help you plan month by month, and a registry guide will advise on what (and how much) you'll need to set up your new home. You'll get lots of details--working with florists and photographers, creating a program, understanding etiquette, building a wedding Web site, and such--plus a smattering of honeymoon and postwedding life advice. As with any bridal magazine, the abundant ads are useful, especially if you're still shopping for the perfect honeymoon destination.
Elegant Bride
Magazine Description
Covers various areas of interest to brides-to-be in planning their weddings.
Bridal Guide
Magazine Description
In a world where we're barraged with the most expensive wedding planning options, Bridal Guide is a breath of fresh air. For the bride planning a wedding without unlimited resources, this title supplies all the usual and necessary wedding-planning tips and advice, but not every solution is expensive-a refreshingly low-key and realistic approach. Beyond the wedding, relationship advice and home planning are also discussed. Published six times a year, Bridal Guide includes regular features on fashion, beauty, health, and wedding planning, as well "Budget Basics" with money-saving tips, shopping guidelines, and Q&A. As in all bridal magazines, advertising focuses on wedding attire, honeymoon destinations, registry information, and other nuptial necessities.

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