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Wedding rings books
With This Ring : The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Jewelry
Book Description
With This Ring offers instant inspiration and a wealth of information on every aspect of wedding jewelry—from the all-important engagement ring to the best earrings for wedding photographs. Jewelry experts Penny Proddow and Marion Fasel trace the beautiful origins and glamorous contemporary styles of rings, precious presents, and wedding day jewelry.

You will learn the history of wedding jewelry, the lore of precious gems, and the romantic messages lovers had inscribed on their rings long ago. Fascinating celebrity anecdotes—how Jacqueline Kennedy had her ring reset, the story of Grace Kelly’s two engagement rings, and Audrey Hepburn’s three wedding bands are sure to inspire your own jewelry choices. Everything you need to know about engagement ring design and how to choose a diamond—commonly referred to as the 4C’s, are explained.

Jewelry is beautiful, personal, and enduring. With This Ring offers an abundance of ideas for a bride and groom looking to celebrate the most significant and romantic time of their lives.
John Flynn's Double Wedding Ring Step-by-Step Workbook
Book Description
This easy-to-follow, step-by-step workbook teaches the quilter an easy, accurate and innovative technique for strip-piecing the Double Wedding Ring quilt. The book has clear, illustrated instructions which take the quilter through the process of cutting, piecing and assembling this old time favorite quilt. Easy-to-follow instructions, color photographs, planning charts and the template patterns for six different size rings are included. Author John Flynn, an engineer and quilter, has demonstrated his Double Wedding Ring technique on HGTV's "Simply Quilts" and on Kaye Wood's "Kaye's Quilting Friends".
Engagement & Wedding Rings: The Definitive Buying Guide for People in Love
Book Description
Antoinette L. Matlins, P.G., is an internationally respected gem and jewelry expert, author, lecturer and popular media guest. Her books are widely used throughout the world by consumers and professionals in the gem and jewelry field alike.

Antonio C. Bonanno, F.G.A., A.S.A., M.G.A., was one of America's most distinguished gemologists. For over 40 years, he was President of National Gem Appraising Laboratory, and Director of Columbia School of Gemology in Silver Spring, Maryland.
Wedding Rings
Book Description
History and romance come together in Wedding Rings. Beginning with the first known example in ancient Egypt, through tales of the Puritans' attempt to put an end to the tradition, to lavish color photographs of modern pieces crafted from precious metals and stones, this richly illustrated, engagingly written volume will enchant anyone who has ever wondered about the perfect symbol of eternal love. Filled with gorgeous new photographs as well as archival images, Wedding Rings reveals how this simple yet profoundly meaningful piece of jewelry has both evolved and in many ways stayed the same over the course of centuries. Beautiful examples of vintage and contemporary rings in a full range of styles grace the pages. Chapters trace the popularity of diamonds, pinpoint the appearance of the engagement ring, and describe the special properties of platinum, gold, and other materials. Literary quotes, charming inscriptions, and customs from around the world complete the text. AUTHOR BIO: OSNAT GAD has been a leader in the design, manufacture, and sale of wedding rings for more than 25 years. Her company, OGI, is the purveyor of Gad's signature stackable wedding bands, which have been featured in major fashion magazines.
Engagement & Wedding Rings, 1st Edition: The Definitive Buying Guide for People in Love
Book Description
This well-illustrated volume covers diamonds, colored gems, and pearls. It takes the anxiety out of buying engagement and wedding rings, turning it into the magical and romantic experience it should be.The authors explain the romantic traditions of diamonds and colored gems in engagement and wedding rings through the centuries and offer expert advice on how to make this once-in-a-lifetime purchase a perfect one. Included are all the steps to determining the quality of a diamond or colored gemstone and judging value. Advice on how to design the rings, and lots of illustrations to help.Selected contents:Retail Price Guides for Diamonds, Colored Gems, and Pearls.The Romance of the Ring.Engagement and Wedding Ring Traditions and Romance.The Allure of Diamonds: What is Diamond?Selecting the Diamond.Comparing Diamond Prices.The Magic & Mystery of Colored Gems.Getting the Best Value in Colored Gems.What to Ask When Buying the Stone.Design and Style: Getting the Look You Want.The Wedding Bands: Gem-Studded, Gold, & Platinum.Consumer Beware: How to Spot a Fraud.Important Advice Before You Buy; Questions to Ask.List of Certified Appraisers.

Wedding rings books

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