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Wedding Veil Edge Options


We offer 86 different edge options!  Choose from: cut, pencil, rattail, filament, pearl, soutache, 2 different 5/8” sheer ribbons, 1/8”, 3/8”, 7/8”, & 2" ribbon edges, rhinestone, tiny rhinestone, pearl/rhinestone combo, or choose from 3 lace edges for your veil!  We can also do double/triple edges for many of the options (see below for samples). Colored edges are available for pencil, rattail, 1/8” and 3/8” ribbon edges.  Be sure to scroll to the bottom of this page for a side-by-side comparison of the available options.

Cut Edge Wedding Veil Cut Edge (no edging) 5-301-CT: 30" Cut Edge Veil (54" wide).
Corded Pencil Edge Wedding Veil

Pencil/Corded Edge

Available in Several Colors

5-301-C: 30" Corded/Pencil Edge Veil (54" wide).
Rattail Edge Wedding Veil

Rattail Edge

Available in Several Colors

5-301-RT: 30" Rattail Edge Veil (54" wide).  
Filament Edge Wedding Veil Filament Edge C1-302-F: 25" x 30" Filament Edge Veil (108" wide, circular cut).  
Pearl Edge Wedding Veil Pearl Edge  5-301-P-P: 30" Pearl Edge Veil with scattered pearls (54" wide).  
Soutache Edge Wedding Veil

Soutache Edge 

(available in white, & ivory)

5-301-ST: 30" Soutache Edge Veil (54" wide). 
Metallic Serged Edge Wedding Veil Metallic Serged Edge (Silver or Gold) 7012v: 30" Bugle bead metallic corded bubble veil with pearl and rhinestone accents. (72" wide).
Sheer Ribbon 1 Wedding Veil

Sheer 5/8" Ribbon Edge 1 

(available in white & ivory)

S1-252-1SR: 20" x 25" veil #1 Sheer Ribbon Edge (108" wide, standard cut).  
Sheer Ribbon Edge Wedding Veil

Sheer 5/8" Ribbon Edge 2

(available in white & ivory)

5-301-SR: 30" veil with 5/8" Sheer Ribbon Edge (54" wide).
1/8 inch ribbon wedding veil

1/8" Ribbon Edge

Available in Several Colors

1-361-1R: 36" veil with 1/8" Ribbon Edge (108" wide).  
3/8 inch ribbon edge wedding veil

3/8" Ribbon Edge

Available in Several Colors

5-301-3R: 30" veil with 3/8" Ribbon Edge (54" wide).
7/8 inch ribbon wedding veil

7/8" Ribbon Edge

(available in white, ivory, & diamond white)

5-301-7R-RS: 30" veil with 7/8" Ribbon Edge and scattered Rhinestones (54" wide).
2" Ribbon Edge Wedding Veil

2" Ribbon Edge

(available in white, ivory, & diamond white)

7014: 36" veil with 2" ribbon edge (72" wide).
Rhinestone edge wedding veil Rhinestone Edge  7-301-RS: 30" Rhinestone Edge Veil (72" wide).
pearl and rhinestone edge wedding veil Pearl/Rhinestone Edge 1-251-PRS: 25" Pearl/Rhinestone Edge Veil (108" wide).
Tiny Rhinestone Edge Wedding Veil Tiny Rhinestone Edge 7-201-TRS: 20" Tiny Rhinestone Edge Veil (72" wide).
lace edge wedding veil 

Lace Edge #1

(available in white & ivory)

7-301-L: 30" Lace Edge Veil (72" wide).
Lace Edge #2 Wedding Veil

Lace Edge #2

(available in white only)

7-361-2L: 36" veil with Lace #2 Edge (72" wide).
Lace #3 Edge Wedding Veil

Lace Edge #3

(available in white, ivory, & black)

7-451-3L-BK: 45" veil with Black Lace #3 Edge (72" wide). Also available with white or ivory
Double 3/8 inch ribbon wedding veil Double 3/8" Ribbon Edge 7-361-D3R: 36" Double 3/8" Ribbon Edge Veil (72" wide).
Double Corded/Pencil Edge Wedding Veil Double Corded/Pencil Edge 1-251-DC-BB: 25" Double Corded/Pencil Edge Veil with Bugle Bead Accents (108" wide).
Double Soutache Edge Wedding Veil Double Soutache Edge 7-201-DST: 20" Double Soutache Edge Veil (72" wide).

Triple Rattail Edge Wedding Veil

Triple Rattail Edge D7-302-TRT: 25" x 30" Drop cut Triple Rattail Edge Veil (72" wide). 4" Metal Comb.
Double Ribbon Edge Wedding Veil Double Ribbon Edge C7-252-D13R: 20" x 25" veil with Double Ribbon Edge (1/8" and 3/8"), (circular cut).
Edge Options Colored Pencil/Corded Edges Colored Rattail Edges Colored  1/8" & 3/8" Ribbon Edges
Custom Wedding Veil Edge Chart Colored Corded Pencil Edge Chart Colored Rattail Edge Chart Custom Wedding Veil Colored Ribbon Edge Chart